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Crowdfund Campaign - What you need to know


It's been a busy week at Knoydart Hall HQ!!! Unless you've somehow managed to miss our bombardment of countdown & info posts, you will be aware that on Friday past we launched our much-anticipated crowdfunding campaign to support the hall refurbishment project. After much debate on who had to say what - and a couple of drams to steady the nerves - we went live on Facebook to launch the campaign and tell folk a little about the project and rewards on offer. Despite the initial terror of being live online (you can watch the video here) for the world to see we did quite enjoy it in the end and the response was AMAZING! So many people tuned in to watch, left comments, shared the video, and pledges started coming in to the campaign almost immediately. We hit the £1,000 mark of our £35,000 target in less than an hour and the pledges kept coming helping us to raise £4,755.00 in the first 12 hours.

So - in case you're wondering what this is all about here's a quick overview of the campaign & why we are doing it.

- In 2018 we are renovating and extending the hall to provide a first class community & arts space for our wee community and the thousands of visitors we get every year

- The project total is currently sitting around £418,000 - we aim to raise three quarters of this through charitable & agency funding, with the community raising the final quarter through a range of ways - including a crowdfunding campaign.

- The campaign is for £35,000 and we only have eight weeks to do it

- Crowdfunding is a brilliant way to support a project - you're not just donating money, you will receive some fantastic rewards for your pledge. We have something for everyone, from £5 all the way up to £2500 or you can pick your own amount to donate if you wish.

- We need your help if we are going to reach our target, so please spread the word as far and wide as possible with your friends & family circles!!

Our crowdfunding page link is:

Please pop over and have a look to find out about the campaign and the great rewards on offer. To date we have raised £6,335 with 56 supporters. There are still 54 days left of the campaign but we have to keep up the pace to make sure we reach our target and spread the word.

If you are able to pledge to our campaign we would LOVE your support. We are determined and ready to go with this project to provide you, our community & visitors with a hall that is not only fit for purpose, but a space where we can create great memories & and have new experiences.

Thank you for taking the time to read up on our campaign - and don't forget to share with your pals! Here's the link again:


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