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Knoydart Ping-pong-athon

About two weeks ago an idea came about - 24 hours of non-stop ping-pong to raise money for the hall refurb. Folk started chatting about how it could be done at a Friday night get-together at The Table, then Grant (one of the regular Tuesday night ping-pong players) had his laptop out and a rota was created, people signed up for a few hours each, others volunteered to make curry & cakes, posters were created & before we knew it the event was arranged!

At 7pm on Tuesday 3rd April we kicked it off with curry & craic, and had a great turnout to cheer on the first players of the night. More folk signed up there and then to come down in the middle of the night or early morning and help those on the graveyard shifts. Older and younger were playing together, visitors popped in and had a go and it was such a lovely evening of chatting, learning to play ping pong and having fun as a community.

A camera was set up in the corner of the hall taking a photo every minute throughout the 24 hours - to document the event, and also make sure no-one cheated! - and as the day went on more folk appeared to play, donate cakes and show support. As the last few hours drew closer the hall got busier & busier, Kira fired up her pizza oven and we were treated to glorious weather as we all had a game of 'round the world' to end the ping-pong extravaganza.

A total of approximately £1,200 was raised through this event for the hall refurb and it could not have been done without the dedication & volunteering of so many residents and Knoydart friends. We would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that was involved in creating the ping-pong-athon and of course those who so generously donated their money as well as their time. We are one step closer to reaching our target of £418,000 but aside from that we also had a lovely opportunity to get together as a community and have fun in the hall, which is what it's all about at the end of the day.


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