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So Much Space!

With all internal walls removed and the ground cleared up we can start to get a proper sense of the space we will have - and it's BIG!

Standing at the stage end of the hall, with the meeting room opening the first on the right, and the entrance from the new foyer the second

Moving the foyer, toilets, kitchen and storage areas in to the new extension gives us a far larger floor area than before and this will have a huge impact - not only for arts and music events but for community nights such as Burns Suppers which see 90+ folk crammed round tables with zero elbow room.

We will also have a stage that will be the full width of the building, giving us the opportunity to invite larger bands to perform and also ensure everyone is a bit more comfortable whilst performing.

Panoramic photo from beside the old entrance in to the hall

We're already looking forward to a massive Strip the Willow at the hall re-opening! :)

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